Professional Boudoir Photography by studioEPIC photography; Toronto, Ontario (images below)

Boudoir: a woman's bedroom or private room.

No matter their age, every woman should feel sexy and comfortable in her own body. studioEPIC photography offers Boudior Photography Sessions in studio, out of the comfort of your home or on-location (such as a hotel room, condo etc.).

A Boudoir session is something unique that all women should experience at least once in their life. Along with our team of professional For many, who were initially unsure, a boudoir session becomes a great confidence booster. Once you get to know us (all women teams available) and our approach to these sessions, you will be asking yourself why you did not book a session sooner. These sessions really are a lot of fun! Gift certificates are available. Many times women who book with us have been gifted a Boudoir Session with studioEPIC by their partners. Personally, we think that a Boudoir Photography Session makes a wonderful, one-of-a-kind gift!

The direction of a Boudoir Photography Session depends on each individual's tastes, comfort level and preferences. We are always open to suggestions and fresh ideas from our clients and try to accommodate them best possible. On occasion, we have to groups of girlfriends who want to experience a Boudoir Photography Session together. We cater to everyone and offer many packages, such as Bridal Party, Girls Night Out, Glamour or Dress-Up and Play. After the session, each client receives their own private, customized digital proof web gallery from which they can select from a variety of images. The selected images are then placed through post-production in accordance to the client's request. The result is beautiful, tasteful and sexy photos to cherish and admire for years to come...

So what are you waiting for? Why not gift yourself or someone special a Boudoir Photography Session with studioEPIC and get pampered, feel gorgeous, have a great time and boost your confidence to the max!
?Actors come in many shapes and sizes, male and female, young and mature. They differ in so many ways. However one thingt they all should have in common is a great headshot executed by a professional photographer.

?At studioEPIC photography, we would be pleased to put a spotlight on You!

? Our experience and professionalism will become evident once you arrive for your photo shoot.? ?We try to get to know you, as an actor and as an individual. Our photographers aim to portray your personality, get you noticed, but most importantly we strive to take a portrait that will get you booked. ?

Before your session, it is always a good idea to know or be familiar with the role you are auditioning for or the character you are planning to portray. What k?ind of? impression do you want to make with your image?? By knowing these details, we will be more accurately able to capture you in the best light and make your likeness ?be lasting and memorable, as well as stand out among others?.?

Our high-quality post-production work is meticulous and superior.? ?We edit your selected images naturally, bring out your best features as well as add all the required information to your final comp card.

studioEPIC photography is eager to capture the headshot(s) that will land you the role of a lifetime!?